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Email: billing rate: $175/hr
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Interests, Strengths and Goals

I've accumulated a fair amount of bioinformatics and clinical informatics experience in the interest of reducing the cost of useful discovery. I feel this is particularly achievable in the realm of integrating clinical care data into trials for clinical research, efficacy monitoring and biosurveillance. I would like to continue developing an infrastructure which democratizes innovation and brings high-quality clinical care to everyone.

Work Experience

University of Michigan
November 2017 to present

Define RDF representation of DDI4 data model

Express product as:

Work product will include examples, tests and navigable specification.

Wikidata Validator
June 2017 to present

Extend Shape Expressions validator for Wikidata

Extended the online validator to include:

Extended Shape Expressions execution environment to include support for manifests.

Mayo Clinic
March 2017 to Dec 2017

Extend the Shape Expressions Language for application to FHIR Profiles

Hokukahu Inc
Dec 2015 to Sept 2016

Develop Semantic Clinical Data Validation and Transformation Pipeline

Extended and used the Shape Expressions langauge to :

Mayo Clinic
Oct 2015 to Dec 2016

Develop the Shape Expressions Language and apply to FHIR and CADSR data dictionaries

US Food and Drug Administration
Nov 2013 to Sep 2014

Develop Semantic Infrastructure for Interoperable Clinical Trial Submissions

Developed Semantic Web ontologies to capture clinical trial data and provide a homogeneous data representation to integrate trials to:

See <>.

World Wide Web Consortium, MIT in the US, Keio University in Japan, ERCIM in France
June 1995 to present

See my W3C People Page for a more complete list of projects.

Working Group Team Contact

The role of W3C Team Contact involves assisting W3C Working Groups with the standardization process, including consensus-building and document publication. In addition to secretarial/diplomatic tasks, the Team Contact provides continuity with other W3C standards and contributes technically to the Working Group products.

Semantic Web in Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLS) — 2006-present

RDF Data Shapes Working Group — 2013-present

Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group — 2012-2014

RDF Working Group — 2012-2014

RDB2RDF Working Group — 2009-2011

SPARQL 1.1 Working Group — 2009-2011

Semantic Annotations for WSDL (SAWSDL) — 2006-2007

RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) — 2003-2006

other working groups

Eli Lilly Grant Recipient — 2008

European Commission (FP6) Contractor — 2006-2007

Semantic Web Tool Developer — 1998-present

Worked in a small team, mostly self-directed, formulating semantic web scenarios and developing tools.

Open Source Code Contributor

Activity Organizer

Promoted use of W3C standards through education and community outreach.

libwww Developer

Worked with Henrik Frystyk Nielson to develop W3C's reference library libwww.

System Administrator and Systems Tool Developer

Work Sites

Computer Skills

Programming Languages
Fluent in C, C++, Perl, Scala and Javascript programming;
Other languages in decreasing order of freshness: Java, N3 rules, shell programming, lisp, Python, PHP3, Ruby, TCL;
Rusty on various assemblers, Pascal, Fortran.
Programming Environments
Sys V and Berkeley derivative Unix;
Windows/Windows NT (MSVC and MFC);
OS/2 (rusty);
Macintosh MPW and ThinkC++ (ages ago);
Most comfortable with emacs on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux system.
Version Control
Git (and magit-mode) managing interdependent branches;
CVS/RCS (for wide, asynchronous sites like;
Mercurial and Subversion (rusty).
Knowledge of Web Technologies and Tools
HTML, CSS, Javascript/jquery; for example the RDF Data Validation Workbench;
Apache and Mozilla maintainance and module development;
Excellent knowledge of HTTP protocol, XML, RDF, Web Services, SVG;
Good knowledge of Web site administration and organization (no broken links on the world's oldest website);
Experience in CGI & Perl and PHP3/4 programming.
Developed and used triple and quad stores;
Extensive use of relational calculus and MySQL (currently a MySQL developer);
Developement of databases and query distributors;
Administration and programming of Lotus Notes databases (rust).
Networking (rusty)
Management of Ethernet networks;
Knowledge of TCP/IP protocols, routing protocols (OSPF, some RIP), firewalls;
Some knowlege of IPX/SPX.


Workshops organized

RDF Validation September 2013
Semantic Web Healthcare Hackathon August 2012
Linked Enterprise Data Platform December 2011
The Future of the Web For Collaborative Science April 2010
Semantic Web Applications in Scientific Discourse October 2009
Report on semantic web for health care and life sciences workshop April 2008
W3C Workshop on RDF Access to Relational Databases October 2007


University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
February 1992
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering received in February, 1992.
Concentrated on computer applications in engineering. Taught a senior level course in how to select, use, and challenge the results of available tools. I taught this course because it was pointed out to me that in many realms, computer-aided was being replaced by computerated (uninformed mis-application of computers).


English: native.
Français: je me debrouille assez bien.
日本語: comfortable with tools to read and write kanji; can barely utter a word.
Comfortable with use of other scripts within emacs, e.g. Korean, Russian.
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